About Bijma

After completing my English oriented education in International Management, I have built up a strong career working for several renowned internet agencies in positions as a Consultant, Team Lead and Senior Project Manager. My proven track record eventually led me to choose for a successful freelance career.

In the projects I have managed, several different methodologies where at use, such as Prince 2, IPMA, Agile/SCRUM and RUP.

Operating as a liaison between Business and IT in large, complex political organizations is where I excel. Being able to building bridges between all the teams involved and keeping everyone on the same track is one of the skills I apply to lead large implementation projects. My experience as an eBusiness Consultant and eMarketeer also provide me with the necessary knowledge to easily translate client wishes into manageable requirements and (technical) solutions.

I have many years of experience in managing international projects (i.e. Deutsche Bank, SBER Bank, UPC, Merck Sharp & Dohme), including supervising and leading  off-shore and multicultural teams. In my communication I am able to be politically sensitive, though direct and clear when the situation demands it.

Most recently I have managed internet related projects on programme level for clients such as Deutsche Bank (Belgium, Europe), ABN Amro, ING, SBER Bank (Russia) and Ditzo.